Online Reporting

Welcome to the Belleville Police Department’s Online Reporting and Community Assistance page. Filing a police report or reporting a concern online saves time by allowing citizens to complete a report at a date and time of their choosing with no waiting and without leaving their home. However, not every crime can be reported using this online system.  In Emergency situations, such as a crime in progress or someone is hurt, threatened, or in danger,  please dial 9-1-1 immediately

Online Services

Report a Crime Concern

To notify the police regarding any of the following concerns, use the Submit a Crime Tip Form.

Crime Tips or Narcotics Tips  - Report information regarding any crime concern or possible drug activity such as drug activity, witnessing a crime, witnessing a suspicious incident, an anonymous tip, etc.

Traffic Complaints  -  Report situations where you have observed traffic problems in a specific area. Examples include drivers speeding in residential areas or ignoring a stop sign and creating a hazard for other motorists or pedestrians.

Community Programs

Security Checks for Residences and Businesses - A member of the Belleville Police Department may make extra patrols of your residence or place of business during your absence. All checks will be subject to availability of manpower. The Police Department in no way assumes the responsibility for the security of your premises. Request must be completed at least 1 week in advance.  If you are leaving on vacation for an extended period of time and would like to have a police officer check on your home during your absence, please complete the Request for Residential or Business Security Check Form.             

Private Video Surveillance Camera Program - If you reside in the City of Belleville, have exterior cameras that record, and would like to assist us in solving crime in your neighborhood, please complete the Private Video Surveillance Video Camera Registration Form. If a crime is committed in your neighborhood and your camera is in the area, you may be contacted to allow investigators to view your recorded video. Participation in investigations is voluntary. Your video may be able to help crime investigators solve a crime in your area such as auto or residential theft or vandalism, and make it a safer place to live.   

Submit An Online Police Department Crime Report 

To submit a police report for any of the following concerns, use the Submit an Online Police Report Form.

Criminal Trespass to Vehicle - The entering of an individual’s vehicle by an offender where no other crime has been committed. For example, your vehicle is not found in the manner you left it and it is clear someone was in the vehicle, or someone broke into your car, but no property was stolen from inside your car.

Fraud / Unlawful Use of Credit / Debit Card - Intentional deception to gain access to information, services, items, or financial gains.  Someone uses your credit card, checks, or other personal information to obtain products or services. Please provide account/credit card numbers and specific information such as how much was charged and where charges occurred. For example, someone obtains telephone service using your identity, uses your information online, impersonates you, deceives you to obtain your money or property, or uses your credit card and makes a purchase without your authorization.

Harassing Communication - Repeated communication from a person, anonymously or otherwise, by telephone, mail, email or text messaging or any other form of electronic or written communication in a manner which causes annoyance or alarm without threats of violence to persons or property. For example, you continue to receive anonymous calls from someone making sexual suggestions; an ex-boyfriend continues to text, threatening to slash your tires and key your car.

Identity Theft - Credit, goods or services are obtained by another person using your social security number, driver’s license number, credit card numbers or other identifying information. During the filing process you will need to attach a Credit Report; and/or financial statement with transactions; and/or Letter/Notice from the bank or credit card company regarding the theft. Examples include someone opening a credit card account or obtaining phone service using your personal information, or someone using your social security card number to obtain employment.

  • Contact your credit card company or financial institution immediately. Contact information for credit bureaus and other appropriate agencies is provided below. You will need to provide the Belleville Police with the report number you are issued. 

Lost Property - Lost property is property that is missing, misplaced, or lost and is not believed to be a theft. Examples are items left in a restaurant or missing from your home.

Theft - Theft refers to property taken without your permission. This does not include someone physically taking something from your person or from you by force or fear. Property known to be stolen and missing may be reported. Examples include items stolen from your yard, driveway, porch or common shared areas such as garages or laundry facilities of apartment complexes, or mail or packages taken from a mailbox. 

  • THEFT DOES NOT INCLUDE INCIDENTS WHERE YOU HAD PERSONAL CONTACT WITH THE PERSON WHO TOOK YOUR PROPERTY.  If you had personal contact with the person who took your property call 911 or 618-234-1212 to make a report. 

Retail Theft / Suspect Not on Scene – Retail Theft refers to merchandise taken from a retail establishment without paying the full retail value of the merchandise. This does not include someone making physical contact with an employee or taking the merchandise by force. The reporting party should provide a detailed list of stolen merchandise, and any employee witness statements can be uploaded to the report. These reports are only for retail thefts where the suspect is not at the establishment or made “after the fact.”  If the suspect is at the establishment, or the retail theft has just occurred, and the suspect just left the establishment, please call the Belleville Police Department at 618-234-1212 to make a report. An example of retail theft with a suspect not on scene would include an employer reviewing in-store video of a prior incident and finding a person taking items without paying the full retail value. 

Illegal Dumping - Illegal dumping is the improper disposal of waste at any location other than a permitted landfill or facility. Please be as descriptive as possible and include the type of material or junk being dumped, the dates and times the dumping is believed to be occurring, any suspect vehicle information including the make, model, color, type of vehicle or registration plate information if known.  Illegal dumping includes materials that are dumped to avoid disposal fees and often consists of building materials, old discarded appliances, etc. 

Adding Information to a Previously Made Police Report

Supplemental/Follow-Up Police Report - Complete this form if you are a victim of a burglary and need to add additional information to an already existing police report.  

Victim / Witness Voluntary Statement -  Complete this form after a police officer has been contacted to complete a report for a misdemeanor offense or incident. This is a voluntary statement for victims, witnesses, and complainants to complete after the officer has departed, to provide an additional, detailed description of the offense or incident. Complete, print, and sign the form, and deliver or mail to:

Belleville Police Department, 720 West Main Street, Belleville, IL  62220