Fire Inspections / Code Enforcement

Fire Inspections

The City of Belleville fire department utilizes the 2015 International Fire Code and conducts over 2,000 fire inspections every year. Belleville firefighters inspect every business within the corporate city limits of Belleville. High traffic locations several times per year. Smaller locations every two (2) years (bi-annually).

Fire Investigation Unit-Photo by Connor Hamilton

Preparing for an Inspection

  • Check that all exit lights and illuminated exit signs are working properly. Most units have a test button to ensure the battery backup is working. Test lights monthly.
  • Allow at least 36 inches of space for walkways, hallways, aisleways, and around electrical panels, sprinkler valves, and gas water heaters/furnaces.
  • Fire extinguishers, alarm systems, and sprinkler systems require annual inspections by licensed contractors. Typically, the phone number for the service provider is located on the paperwork/tag on the equipment.
  • Make light use of extension cords. According to fire codes, they are only for temporary use. Power strips with fuses are an acceptable alternative. Stringing multiple power strips together is not acceptable. Never overload an outlet!
  • Do not block sprinkler heads. A clearance of 18 inches should be maintained at all times for sprinkler heads to function properly. Never hang anything from the sprinkler heads or the sprinkler pipe
  • Contact the Fire Department with commercial remodeling plans. They can help make your remodel ‘fire safe’.

Plan Review

The 2015 International Fire code requires a plan review of all commercial construction and remodeling projects. The plan review process usually takes 10-14 working days to complete. This includes the following types of plans: 

  • BFD Permit Package
  • Fire Alarm Installation and Panel Replacement
  • Fire Protection Systems (Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems, Commercial, and Residential)
  • New Commercial Construction and Remodeling (sealed plans required over $50K project cost)
  • Site Development Planning (Commercial/Planned Unit Development/Subdivision)
  • Tank Storage (Above and Underground Fuel Tanks/LPG Tanks/Pressurized Tanks/etc.)
  • Commercial Kitchen Hood and Duct and Fire Systems
  • Solar/Battery/Wind Systems

Permits and Ordinances

Fire Department Code of Ordinances

For an overview of the Fire Department, including its duties and responsibilities, read Title III: Chapter 33 Public Safety; Law Enforcement of the City Code of Ordinances. 

Fire Inspections

For information regarding fire inspections, read Title III: Chapter 33, Section 33.063 Inspections of the City Code of Ordinances.

Fire Plan Review Permit Package 

For information of fire plan reviews, read Title III: Chapter 33, Section 33.085: Fire Code Adopted of the City Code of Ordinance. View the Fire Plan Review Package which includes requirements, an application form, instructions, and a fee schedule.

Key Lock Box Systems 

For information regarding key lock box systems, read Title III: Chapter 33, Section 33.087: Key Lock Box System of the City Code of Ordinances.

Mutual Aid Box Alarm

For information regarding Mutual Aid Box Alarm Systems, read Title III: Chapter 33, Section 33.086 Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Established of the City Code of Ordinances.  View the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Agreement.



Open Burning and Recreational Fires

For information regarding recreational fires, residential bonfires and special event bonfires, view the City's Open Burning and Recreational Fires Regulations.

Other Information

Questions regarding Fire Inspections or the Plan Review process should be directed to the Fire Administration Office at 618-234-2236.

To learn more about the Belleville Fire Department, read Title III: Chapter 33, Section 33.040 Department Established of the City Code of Ordinance.