Military & Veterans

Belleville is home to many active service members, veterans, and their families. In fact, Belleville was honored as the Most Patriotic City in Illinois in 2019, having the highest percentage of active service members and veterans of any city in the state.

We are proud to be home to so many military families and to welcome them into our community, whether they are here for only a short time, or they choose Belleville as their permanent home after their service. 

Many military families note how they are attracted to Belleville because of its small-town charm and hometown feel. Every year, the City of Belleville hosts events honoring those who have dedicated their lives to protecting our nation’s freedom, like the Annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony in the Public Square, a tradition that began in Belleville in 1998.

Many of our local businesses also offer service member and veteran discounts. We are a community that supports one another, and that extends to our residents who are members of the military. We are happy to have them here in Belleville, contributing to our schools, neighborhoods, business community, and culture.

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