The City Treasurer is responsible for the following :

  • Treasurer's Office
  • Sewer & Trash Billing and Collection
  • Police & Fire Pension Funds

The Treasurer is the custodian of all City funds and is elected for a four-year term, as are the Mayor and the City Clerk. The Treasurer is responsible for two departments; the Treasurer's Office and the Sewer & Trash Billing and Collection Department.

Treasurer's Office

The Treasurer's Office receives all monies belonging to the City of Belleville, pays all warrants signed by the Mayor and countersigned by the City Clerk, and keeps a separate account of each fund or appropriation.  All monies received by the Treasurer's Office are deposited within 48 hours as part of a checks and balances policy.  All bank reconciliations are done in the Treasurer's Office, while all checks are produced in the Finance Department.  

Sewer & Trash Billing and Collection

The City Treasurer provides residents with various options for paying Sewer and Trash Bills

Police and Fire Pension Funds

By state statute, the City Treasurer is the custodian of the Police and Fire Pension Funds.  

City Treasurer's Reports

In the interest of transparency, the monthly and annual Treasurer's Reports are available to the public.

Monthly Reports

The monthly Treasurer's Reports are available the first business day following the 2nd City Council meeting of each month. View the most recent report / View all reports

Annual Reports

The annual Treasurer's Report is filed with the City Clerk and published in the local newspaper every year in October after the annual audit is approved by the City Council. Download the most recent report / View all reports