Economic Development

Commercial Occupancy and Business Licenses

On May 1, 2008, the City of Belleville adopted Commercial Occupancy procedures, whereas each business that opens must first obtain a Commercial Occupancy Permit in the following instances: 

  • Before a new business opens 
  • When the owners of a business change
  • When the owners of property that is used for a business change
In some instances, a Business License is required. Applicants submitting a Commercial Occupancy permit application must also submit a business license application for review. A license may or may not be issued, depending on the type of business.  

View information on Business Assistance Programs.  

Useful Information

2020: 42,404 (official results of Decennial Census)
2010: 44,478 (official results of Decennial Census)
2000: 41,410 (official results of Decennial Census)


Median Family Income: $60,290 (estimated by Census Bureau)

Tax Rates
District Rate (2019)
St. Clair County - 1.099
SWIC Dist. 552 - 0.4589
Belleville Dist. 118 - 3.7279
Belleville Dist. 201 - 2.1518
Belleville Public Library - 0.32
City of Belleville - 2.6023

In the downtown central business district, a Special Service Area exists, which results in an additional 1.5128%. View a map of the downtown Special Service Area.  

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