Commercial Occupancy Permits & Licenses

Commercial Occupancy Permits
On May 1, 2008, the City of Belleville adopted Commercial Occupancy procedures, whereas each business that opens in a commercial space must first obtain a Commercial Occupancy Permit in the following instances:
  • New business/occupancy      
  • Under new ownership of an existing business/occupancy
  • Temporary/Seasonal business/occupancy
  • Building expansion of business/occupancy
  • Relocation within city limits of an existing business/occupancy

Once the commercial occupancy application is submitted, fire and building inspections will take place, provided the building meets current code standards and all other requirements are fulfilled, the occupancy permit may be issued. For a complete explanation about this process, contact the Economic Development, Planning and Zoning Department at (618) 233-6810 Ext. 1250 or

These informational documents may also be helpful:

Home-Based Businesses
A home-based business must first obtain a Home Occupation Permit, available through the Health, Housing & Building Department.

Business Licenses
In some instances, a Business License is required.  Everyone that submits a Commercial Occupancy application must also submit a Business License application for review.  City staff will determine if a license will be issued depending on the type of business.  

Liquor License Applications & Resources
Retail Liquor Licenses
Businesses interested in obtaining a Retail Liquor License must first contact the Mayor's Office at (618) 233-6518, x1207 to apply.

Special Event Liquor Licenses
Not-for-Profit organizations and businesses currently holding a Retail Liquor License in the City should contact the Mayor's office at (618) 233-6518, x1207 regarding Special Event Liquor Licenses.

All applications for Retail and Special Event Liquor Licenses, must be submitted to the office of the Mayor after completion. The Mayor also serves as the Local Liquor Commissioner for the City.

Business Assistance Programs
For information regarding the Business Assistance Program, contact Eric Schauster for further details. (618) 233-6810 Ext. 1249.