Fire Department Apparatus

The Belleville Fire Department operates eight pieces of apparatus out of four stations. Each engine house is equipped with a front line piece of apparatus and a spare apparatus available for additional alarm fires to be staffed by off duty firefighters.

 Apparatus Name Apparatus Location Year Make Model
 Engine 11 Engine House 1 2017 E-One Typhoon Pumper 
 Engine 12 Engine House 1 1991 Pierce Arrow Pumper 
 Engine 22 Engine House 2 1984 E-One Pumper
 Ladder 29 Engine House 2 2012 E-One 75' Aerial
 Engine 31 Engine House 3 2004 E-One Typhoon Pumper
 Engine 32 Engine House 3 2003 E-One Arrow Pumper
 Ladder 49 Engine House 4 2008 Pierce 75' Ladder
 Ladder 99 Engine House 4 2001 E-One 75' Aerial
 Rescue Boat Engine House 4 2008  ---  FSI

Each of the front line apparatus have a full compliment of tools to handle daily calls including vehicle extrication tools, air bags, automated external defibrillator, medical equipment, and gas monitoring meters. 

Fire Department Run Districts

View a map showing the Belleville Fire Department Run Districts