Ordinances Regarding Peace, Safety & Morals

City of Belleville Code of Ordinances

Ordinances regarding offenses against public peace, safety, and morals are explained in Belleville's Code of Ordinances, Title XIII: General Offenses, Chapters 130 and 131.

Some of these offenses include Disorderly Conduct, Littering, Truancy, Theft, and Sex Offenses.

Illinois State Laws

Read the Illinois State Law regarding the Improper Supervision of Children Act (720 ILCS 640/1) (from Ch. 23, paragraph 2369)

Sec. 1. Any parent, legal guardian or other person commits improper supervision of a child when he knowingly permits a child in his custody or control under the age of 18 years to associate with known thieves, burglars, felons, narcotic addicts or other persons of ill repute, visit a place of prostitution, commit a lewd act, commit an act tending to break the peace or violate a municipal curfew ordinance.