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City of Belleville's Ordinances
City of Belleville - Ordinances

For the ordinance regarding CURFEW refer to 30-1-33 via the link below.
For the ordinance regarding TRUANCY refer to 30-1-44 via the link below.  

Offenses - Chapter 30   


Illinois State Laws
Improper Supervision of Children Act (720 ILCS 640/1) (from Ch. 23, par. 2369

Sec. 1. Any parent, legal guardian or other person commits improper supervision of a child when he knowingly permits a child in his custody or control under the age of 18 years to associate with known thieves, burglars, felons, narcotic addicts or other persons of ill repute, visit a place of prostitution, commit a lewd act, commit an act tending to break the peace or violate a municipal curfew ordinance.        Improper Supervision of Children Act