Explanation of Changes to Your Sewer Bill

On March 20, 2017, the City Council passed Ordinance #8025-2017 amending Chapter 50.015 and 50.017 of the City Code which addresses user fees for sewer service. The amendments were necessary to accommodate changes implemented by Illinois American Water to the unit of measure used to report water usage to us.  Illinois American Water will be transitioning the unit of measure for CCF metered accounts from CCF (100 Cubic Feet = 748 gallons) to DCF (10 Cubic Feet = 74.8 gallons).  This change will affect the quantity of usage that is reported to the City of Belleville.  This unit of measure is more detailed and will provide for a more consistent billed amount for sewer services. Effective beginning April 2017 bills will reflect usage using this new unit of measure.  With this change, the new sewer bill description will be as follows:

Current                                                             New
INRESCCF - In Town Residential CCF INRESDCF - In Town Residential DCF

INCOMCCF - In Town Commercial CCF INCOMDCF - In Town Commercial DCF

OUTRESCCF - Out of Town Residential CCF OUTRESDCF - Out of Town Residential DCF

OUTCOMCCF - Out of Town Commercial CCF OUTCOMDCF - Out of Town Commercial DCF

For those residents that have already experienced a meter change out from CCF meters to the more detailed CGL meters there will be no changes to your account.

On July 18, 2016 the City Council passed Ordinance #7970-2016 amending Chapter 38-3-1 and 38-3-3 of the City Code. This was due to Illinois American Water converting water meters that recorded usage in CCF (100 Cubic Feet or 748 gallons) to CGL (100 Gallons). With the addition of a second unit of measure and different rates charged for each, it is necessary to notate which unit of measure users are being billed for.

Shown below is an example account that has recently had its meter converted from CCF to CGL. The original meter service description is listed as “INRESCCF” (In Town Residential CCF). The new meter service description is “INRESCGL” (In Town Residential CGL). This is more descriptive than the previous description of “SEWER”. The meter readings and units of measure can be confirmed by comparing the information stated on your Illinois American Water bill.

Sample Sewer Bill
Sample Sewer Bill

For the month that the change in meters occurs, it will be necessary to credit the amount of the base charge due to billing two separate rates that include base charges. This credit line will report no usage and will be represented by the amount of the base charge as a credit to the total user fees. 

The location of your service address and type of account will determine what service description will reflect on your bill.  Below is a list of the service descriptions that will be used on sewer bills going forward. 

INRESCCF – In Town Residential CCF
INCOMCCF – In Town Commercial CCF
OUTRESCCF – Out of Town Residential CCF
OUTCOMCCF – Out of Town Commercial CCF
INRESCGL – In Town Residential CGL
INCOMCGL – In Town Commercial CGL
OUTRESCGL – Out of Town Residential CGL
OUTCOMCGL – Out of Town Commercial CGL

If you have any questions regarding the changes to your sewer bill or the billing of your account, the Sewer Billing Department is prepared to answer any questions.  You can reach them at (618) 233-6518, Ext. 1246.