200+ Years of History

Belleville Celebrates 200 Years of History, Tradition and Progress

Founded in 1814, Belleville, Illinois, celebrated its 200th Anniversary during 2014. Thanks to George Blair and his donation of one acre of land on March 10, 1814 for a Public Square, the county seat of St. Clair County was moved from Cahokia to the more centrally located settlement. Mr. Blair was given the honor of naming the town and county seat, and on August 8, 1814, the court of St. Clair County recognized the name he had chosen which was Belleville; a French word meaning beautiful city.
                                                          Source: The Pioneer History of Illinois by John Reynolds

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A New Logo for Belleville
The new City of Belleville logo, adopted in 2013

In July of 2013, the Belleville City Council officially adopted a new logo for Belleville that was designed by the Belleville 200 Committee to commemorate the City's 200th Anniversary. 

Logo features include:
the colors of the Belleville flag; black, yellow, green and white, 
the year Belleville was founded; 1814, 
founts of water from the Veterans Memorial Fountain, and 
the post horn which symbolizes the heritage of the area's pioneers who were mostly German, and the Belleville Philharmonic Orchestra, the second oldest continuous performing orchestra in the nation.
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The Belleville 200 Committee
Members of the Belleville 200 Committee

In the summer of 2012, a steering committee was organized to begin to lay the groundwork for the City's 200th birthday celebration, which included designing a logo and outlining a calendar of bicentennial events.

Flag of the City of Belleville
Belleville's City Flag, adopted in 1964
The design of Belleville's official flag was the winning entry in a contest to create such a flag. The contest was sponsored by Belleville Carling Brewery Company in cooperation with the Belleville Chamber of Commerce as a part of the Sesquicentennial Year Program in 1964.

The design for the flag, which was submitted by Frederick L. Lange of Belleville, features a large field of black, symbolic of the area's rich soil basin. Next to the black field is a bar of yellow, representing our mineral wealth. The green bar stands for agricultural abundance, and the white bar represents our culture and plenty. The white post horn, used by early European postal systems, notably in Germany, is symbolic of the heritage of our area's pioneers and the Belleville Philharmonic Orchestra, the second oldest in the nation.
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Belleville Sister Cities, Inc.
Belleville/Paderborn Sister Cities Logo
Belleville is proud to be have Paderborn, Germany as our Sister City since 1990. Learn more about Belleville Sister Cities